• I had the extreme pleasure of having both Natalia and Ash help with the arrival of my daughter. I couldn't be happier with my experience.
    — Crystal, Brian, & Baby Amelia
  • Great time last night! The Birth Gathering was perfectly engaging, thought provoking and helpful. I very much appreciate it.
    — Joel, Father-to-be
  • From the moment we met Ash and Natalia, we felt an instant connection due to their calm personalities, their unwavering work ethic, and their support in the kind of birthing experience that we were hoping to have.
    — Merrill, Tim & Baby Leo
  • The Birth Gathering was a beautiful, informative and thought-provoking night!
    — Jesse, Birth Curious
  • I really enjoyed this (stress reduction) multifaceted workshop, and it included many more aspects than I had anticipated. It was a fantastic complement to more run-of-the-mill childbirth education and prenatal yoga classes.
    — Amelia, mother to be
  • I will reach down and grab my baby.
    — Razan Ghalayini, after attending a Birth Gathering
  • I felt like a lioness, a goddess, a wild thing, and I can’t thank her enough for giving me the freedom to be just that.
    — Merrill, after giving birth to baby Leo
  • I felt empowered by this class and - dare I say - I am looking forward to the challenge of giving birth! Thank you.
    — Abigail, after attending a Stress Reduction workshop