BIRTH GATHERING: Eat, Drink and Revel in the Magic of Being Born

Art by Laura Berger


Pregnant? Trying to get pregnant? Scared of getting pregnant? Afraid of not getting pregnant? Have no idea how the whole thing works? Then come hang with us, eat, drink and LET’S TALK BIRTH!

Our Birth Gatherings bring together the birth curious of all genders and at all stages of thinking and not thinking about pregnancy from ‘I reach for my birth control at the mere thought’ to ‘I’m already knocked up.’ We will engage with our own birth stories, explore labor and creativity, and hold space for you to ask anything, learn from each other and start connecting with birth in a new way.  What’s better than awesome people, thought-provoking conversation and delicious food and drinks?

No lectures, no notebooks, no scary videos-just good eats, people and the discovery and exploration of the magic of being born. We can’t wait!



7:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Presale $35 individual $60 for couples

Day of: $40 individuals, $70 for couples 

(includes snacks AND DRINKS)





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See what people are saying about past Gatherings:

‘Attending the birth gathering was eye opening, and I appreciated learning about birth options in a supportive (and fun!) environment. These are not just for the pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant, but for all women and their partners.’ — Carla, Birth curious

‘Great time last night! The Birth Gathering was perfectly engaging, thought provoking and helpful. I very much appreciate it.’ — Joel, Father-to-be

‘The Birth Gathering was a beautiful, informative and thought-provoking night!’ — Jesse, Birth Curious