While this book is pretty awesome for a good chuckle, here are some pretty useful tips brought to you by Dr. Harvey Karp on how to actually calm a crying baby. His work is some of our favorite on infant care and is based on the premise that babies need a “fourth trimester” to adjust to their new world. To help with this transition, Dr. Karp suggests introducing ways to remind baby of the uterine atmosphere.  Can't remember your time in utero?  No worries. He's got you.  Here is his "5 S" System to access your baby's "off switch" and ignite her "calming reflex."  (Yeah, we know. Sounds too good to be true. But while the science behind it is still being studied, a whopping 41 out of 42 families found them to work in clinical trials.)


S numero 1: SWADDLE

Okay, okay this is a very modified version of the classic "swaddle" (click here for a helpful swaddling vid) but really, your baby just wants to feel really comfy, cozy becase the uterus was pretty bomb.  Afterall, she did get 24/7 access to float in perfectly heated water without getting too pruney.  The life! Now she has to wear paper on her butt, lie on hard surfaces and sometimes, she even gets cold.  Swaddling can help make your infant feel more secure.  Also “baby burritos” are pretty adorable. 

Artwork by Louise Bourgeois (this is "Exhibit A")

Artwork by Louise Bourgeois (this is "Exhibit A")


S numero 2: STOMACH/SIDE

Exhibit A: baby trying to lounge on back while in womb- upgrade to a bigger womb please! Newborns are used to hangin' on their sides/stomachs.  So while your babe shouldn’t sleep this way, try holding him on his side or allowing him some belly time for familiarity and comfort. Like so. 

Photo from

Photo from


S nuMero 3: Ssssh!

It’s not rude to sush your baby (just your partner).  Your babe is used to some serious atmospheric music- as loud as a vaccum cleaner! So whip out your inner Raffi and “ssh, sssh, ssh” into your baby’s ear.  Don’t be shy, crank up your volume-  you gotta match her cry so he can hear you!


S numero 4: Swinging

You kept your babe a jigglin' the last 9 months (We know you looked just like the lady above) and the sudden stillness leaves the babe wondering where the dance party’s at.  Baby slings and carriers, dancing, infant swings, rocking, car rides, and bouncy seats are all great ways to give your baby back her jiggle.


S numero 5: Sucking

Who doesn’t want a boob? Even if you aren’t breastfeeding, placing the babe to breast can be a comfort.  Pacifiers and clean fingers work too!




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