THE BRILLIANT BREAKDOWN week of february 1st

colbert wants bernie with a scoop of chubby hubby and gabby hoffman was double teamed...

by a group of doulas that is. We loved hearing Gabby Hoffman (from Girls and Transparent) explain the role of a doula (she's one too!) and share the experience of her daughter's birth at home on Stephen Colbert. We also appreciate her mentioning the importance of campaign finance reform. 

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we are #womennotobjects 

Check out ad executive Madonna Badger's new campaign which aims to highlight the harmful effects of sexist advertising to young women (and, we'd like to add, men too!) Her agency has vowed to stop creating ads that use women as props or objectifies them. GO BADGER! A man that smells like vagina is the key to our hearts too ;)




the day it didn't rain men in CONGRESS. hallelujah! 

Say what? While women may only make up 22% of elected legislators in the U.S (and only 19% of congress!) Women were the only ones to show up to Congress after last week's snow storm. Senator Lisa Murkowski said after pointing out that only women were present: “Something is genuinely different—and something is genuinely fabulous.” Wimps. No wonder why women are the ones to birth.  




look out ken...BARBIE's goin' brunette (and black, and purple)

Do kids still play with Barbies? We have no idea but we're into Barbie trying to get more real with 7 new skin tones and 3 new 'shapes'. After all, what baby would fit through that birth canal?! #justkidding. Dolls will be dolls. 




paying for our periods

President Obama doesn't know why tampons, pads and menstrual products are taxed in most states as "luxury items" but surmises that it is because men were in charge of making the laws. And he's on board with recognizing that an uncontrollable contracting uterus is no luxury. 




THE ZIKA UPDATE - We're wondering about Zika too! Here are some (maybe not so) #BrilliantBits about it

The Aedes mosquito is the mofo causing all the trouble

The virus IS NOT contagious: It can't be spread from person to person!

4 out of 5 infected will have no symptoms

The virus is only dangerous if you are pregnant as it is suspected to cause microcephaly (stunted brain and skull development in-utero)

If you are not pregnant, IT IS NOT DANGEROUS to your health and even acts as a vaccine of sorts as you will become immune once it passes through your system

It only lasts in your system for 5-7 days!

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) was asked if they agree with El Salvador's announcement to not get pregnant for a few years.  THEY SAID NO. It's more about figuring out how to prevent already pregnant women from getting it.