Winter 2015

JUST BREATHE: an evening of stress reduction for pregnancy & labor

You’ve read all the books. You’ve googled everything from “Does my baby fit in my pelvis?” to “Using a potato to heal hemorrhoids”. You’ve watched every YouTube birth video, you’ve even taken childbirth education classes. That’s a whole lot of information and a whole lot to process.

The unknown can be pretty scary. And while there are plenty of classes to address the prenatal body, there are few to address the mindset and the enormous role it plays in pregnancy and birth. This workshop is designed to do just that.

We will use a variety of modalities including breath, movement, sound and meditation to explore and release our stressors and fears around childbirth to facilitate trust in the intricate design of your body and your ability to know how to best serve it.

JOIN  US  ON  NOVEMBER  7,     5 - 7 PM


97 N7th St, Brooklyn NY

$35 for individuals
$55 for couples





Ashley and Natalia are co-founders of Brilliant Bodies, which offers doula and stress-reduction services for those in their childbearing years (of all genders!) as well as aims to normalize and demystify birth for those not yet pregnant. Learn more at @ourbrilliantbodies and