Brilliant Bodies is excited to invite you to a special evening of SOUND MEDITATION for PREGNANCY in collaboration with Jesse Flower-Ambroch.

If you're not familiar with the practice you're in for a treat.  This group meditation utilizes sound and the vibrations sound creates as a gateway to disconnect from our monkey minds.  We will use guided breathing techniques, vocalization and a mixture of crazy cool harmonic instruments that allow us to calm our mind and access a deep relaxed state to build trust in our selves and help prepare for birth.   

We are offering three sessions- you are welcome to join us for one or all three. Session 1 focuses on Recognizing and Releasing Fears and Stressors, Session 2, Grounding, Re-learning and Connecting to your Body, and the final of the series, Heart Opening and Acceptance (just in time for Valentine's Day) to inspire a sense of openness, love and flexibility for oneself and all that lies ahead in labyrinth of birth and parenthood. Read more detailed descriptions for each session below.

The workshop costs $35 per session for individuals, $60 for couples.  The entire series is $90 for individuals, $170 for couples.


63 North 3rd St.

Brooklyn NY 11249






”It was an experience that I am sure I will call upon during my labor”



Fear/Stress Release

Let’s face it, a baby on the way can welcome joy and excitement into ones life and it can bring up deep fear and agitation. Worries about the birthing process, the health of the baby and the effect of the new child on the relationship of the parents, for instance, are so common, but we rarely get a chance to express and normalize these fears outside a private setting. Compound these with everyday stress and you can have a recipe for overload.

This meditation will provide a space for just this. Through the power of sound, we will gently explore these fears and stresses, practice how to access and release them, and explore insight and clarity into their deeper origins. You will be provided with listening, visualization, vocalizing and body awareness techniques to provide immediate relief as well as ideas and techniques you can take home and add to your practice and everyday life.

This event will be unique and accessible to individuals and couples of all backgrounds and levels of meditation experience.


As city dwellers, it is so easy to lose track of our connection to our core and to the earth. We often spend all day so up in our heads that we forget what it feels like to be in our own bodies. During pregnancy it is doubly important to strengthen these connections as the body prepares itself for birth and we surrender to the natural cycles of life.

Take root with us as we explore grounding, how it feels to be grounded, the things that cause us to become ungrounded and how we can maintain and develop this connection throughout our daily lives. We will practice techniques using sound, body awareness, visualization and more to cultivate a sense of presence and stillness. This will be an excellent class for pregnant individuals and couples looking to start a meditation practice or simply looking for more emotional and physical stability in their lives.

Heart Opening

The heart is the most powerful organ in the human body. Its from where we express love, affection and compassion and it connects us as friends, family and human beings. With a new child on the way, its a great time to strengthen this connection and practice receiving the present with an open and awakened heart. 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we will envelop the heart center with awarenesses using sound, vocalization, visualization, body awareness and more. Instructions will be given to explore the heart, release tension and trauma and gently open this area. This is an excellent class for pregnant individuals and couples looking to foster an environment of love and connection for and welcome their baby with a spirit of love and compassion.



Jesse Flower-Ambroch is a Brooklyn-based meditation leader focused on using the power of sound to benefit others. Jesse is dedicated to the exploration of sound through science and spirituality with a respect for sound's unique ability to relieve stress, provide insight and promote well-being. Jesse provides meditations to individuals and groups of all sizes.


Brilliant Bodies offers doula and stress-reduction services for those in their childbearing years (of all genders!) as well as aims to normalize and demystify birth for those not yet pregnant. Learn more at @ourbrilliantbodies and

LET IT ALL GO - stress reduction for pregnancy and childbirth



You’ve read all the books. You've googled everything from “Does my baby fit in my pelvis?” to “Using a potato to heal hemorrhoids”. You’ve watched every YouTube birth video, you’ve even taken childbirth education classes. That's a whole lot of information and a whole lot to process.  

The unknown can be pretty scary.  And while there are plenty of classes to address the prenatal body, there are few to address the mindset and the enormous role it plays in pregnancy and birth. This workshop is designed to do just that. 

We will use a variety of modalities including breath, movement, sound and meditation to explore and release  our stressors and fears around childbirth  to facilitate trust in the intricate design of your body and your ability to know how to best serve it.